Friday, 13 December 2013

Happy Release Day Lindy Spencer!

I've only been gone for an hour and Lindy Spencer has taken over my blog!  On the good side it seems 1- she has a split personality that likes to talk to itself and 2- she's left us some teasers for her new book 'Between the Devil and the Darkness'....

Knock knock!! Hi! Brrr, its cold outside, I'm glad you were home! Wanted to stop by and say hi - seems like we haven't had much time lately to just sit and visit. Here, I brought coffee.

So, what's new with you? Everything good? That's awesome! I'm glad you finally .... you know... and the guy about the thing, that's nice that he finally, yeah, that. :)

Me? Oh, I've been crazy busy getting my anthology together. You know that group of short stories I'd been working on? Well, it publishes today! I know, I can't believe it either! Psychological thrillers and they're being published on Friday the 13th. How funny is that! Sure, yes, I decided to call it "Between the Devil and the Darkness" because all of these stories happen in that space. Between the devil, and the darkness. I like it, too, thank you!

Hey, why don't you swing by tonight, I'm having a book release party on Facebook! I'll be there with my fuzzy bunny slippers on, and probably something warm to drink since my computer is in the coldest room in my house. But I would love to see you! Why don't you invite your friends? Yeah, I'm sure! The more, the merrier! There are some super fun prizes that have been donated by amazing authors and some special prizes for authors, as well!!! Absolutely! Bring them, too! They'll love it! Here, let me give you the address: 

I guess I should get out of your hair, let you finish whatever you were doing! So nice to catch up with you! Yes, let's totally plan something in January!!! Give me a call, okay? Bye!!

Go Grab your copies here....seriously peeps....she's threatening to kidnap my husband now...what was that?...Ok, she doesn't want him...looks like I'm still stuck with the old grump over Christmas...

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