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Christmas Dawn Part Three

Welcome to the third part of Christmas Dawn.  Its time for Death...its time for the what could have been.  What would have happened if Jess was never born?  As always you guys know what I write and so this short is for those 18+ and may contain sex and swearing.  Enjoy!!

Chapter Four

“Hello Bunny.” My father smiled and then grabbed my mother in a clench that had me blushing and to top it off she was just as bad. Dear God I needed to wash my eyeballs clean. I watched in horror as my mother wrapped her leg around his hip and his hand squeezed her ass. Oh God NO!

“Errr excuse me?” I sniffed. What else could I say? Can you please stop molesting each other in front of your child? They let go of each other panting.

“I’ve missed you Muffin.” My mother smiled biting her lip,

“I’ll be paying you a visit soon. It’s been too long without being able to touch your naked body.” My father smirked. I felt my stomach start to bubble and before I could control myself, I was throwing up all over my father’s shoes.

“Morning sickness?” he queried.

“Hell no…a very detailed vision of you and mom humping like rabbits. It was too much for my stomach.” I said wiping my mouth with my sleeve.

“Behave Jessica!” My mother scorned, “I have to go now, so be nice to your father. Remember we are actually married. What would you be like if you hadn’t seen Reuban for a couple of months? I know if Reuban hadn’t seen you for that long he would be dragging you to the bedroom.”

“I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with my parents…I think I’m going to puke again…” I hadn’t finished my sentence when I projectile vomited all over my mother. She looked down to see my stomach contents all over her and flicked sick from her hand.

“I think your pregnancy is going to be interesting…very. Take care of yourself Jess and we will meet again in the mists…I love you…” She disappeared before I could say goodbye and it hurt a little but I felt his eyes on me.


“She had to go and that was the Creator calling her back. You’ll see her again I promise. Now back to the matter at hand!” He twirled his cane in his hands and began walking. I had to run a little to catch him up.

“So where the hell are we?”

“In the between…”

“That’s what mom said.” I huffed.

“So why ask?”

“You’re unbearable sometimes!” I hissed.

“And you puked on my shoes.” he smiled looking down at his now wrecked shoes.

“Ok, but seriously where are we? I know you’re the Ghost of Christmas future and this is the doom and gloom bit…so spit it out!” I hissed. Why did he think everything was one big game?

“The between is the ‘what if’ of the universe. The Creator made it to help me judge people. If someone made the wrong decision and argued, I simply brought them here to show them what would have happened if they had made the right one. They always accepted their judgement after. You think everyone would be better off without you?” He asked and I grunted. I knew they would be.

“Let’s see shall we?” I was expecting to be pushed through something but I felt the ground open up underneath my feet and I was suddenly falling. I tried to call my wings but nothing. I was falling and helpless. I thought I would feel the impact but I suddenly started to slow and then stopped.

“A graveyard really!” I yelled at my father who was nowhere to be seen. Typical! I had read A Christmas Carol and knew what this was. I looked at the first grave to see Maria’s name etched into the stone. My heart dropped wondering what had happened. My father walked from the fog,

“Without you the emotion became too much for her. She never had that one stable friend to help her control her inner demons. To stand by her, no matter what. She became unstable and when Kroll put himself in front of an enemy he could never defeat she finally cracked. She began leeching too many emotions from her friends. She simply disappeared and then Megan found her body in an alley. Juliet believed she overdosed on lust and her heart gave in. Her Empath side took over and killed her. She may have been a crossbreed but she didn’t stand a chance with the overload. She was the first I judged and it didn’t end well…”

“You sent her to hell?” I was shocked. How could he do that?

“She became damaged and did some very bad things without being able to atone…the balance was not in her favour.”

“This is only what could have been? Right?” I said but didn’t get an answer.

“And then came Megan…” He avoided my question and I wanted to punch him in the face.

“What?” I said as he nodded to another grave,

“A greater threat than Fate took her life before she could complete her destiny. Even Fate gave her life to protect Megan but it wasn’t enough. Without your leadership she was too late to be saved. It shattered the group into pieces for losing such an innocent person to the darkness….”

“What about the Daughter’s? Why didn’t they help?”

“They lived their separate lives until Ethos caught up with them. Things turned out quite different without you Jess.”

“I never thought…”

“This is your problem Jess. You never think your actions are ever good enough and I’ve not finished. FAR FROM IT!” My father bellowed, “I suggest you sit while I tell you the rest of this story…”

“I…I don’t think I can take much more.” The tears were struggling to be released now.

“You wished for this, more than once, so you will sit and listen!”


“LISTEN! Juliet was heartbroken and because she didn’t marry Troy she never had anyone to talk sense into her. You made her realise how much she loved Troy by kissing him…”

“…it was a mistake!”

“Maybe but it was the catalyst for Juliet to confront her feelings. When Megan died she felt alone and began to hunt Ethos to escape her feelings. The shock of finding out he was her maker made her make a terrible decision. She was stood at Ethos’ side as he brought the darkness into the world. Juliet was his legacy and took her place as his mate. She rules with him now and is feared by all, human and supernatural alike…”

“So what the hell happened to Lilith? I thought she wanted to be the Queen?”

“Oh she was! Until Brigate gave Reuban a mission…”

“What?” I hissed. I knew this was going to be hard the hear,

“Brigate imprisoned her but it was at a huge cost. A choice that he had to make, no matter how hard…”

“Just tell me!” Tears were flowing now. I knew exactly what Lilith had always wanted.

“As she ripped out Reuban’s heart, Brigate conducted a spell at the same moment Hell’s gates were opening. Reuban had lost everything and sacrificed himself of his own free will. The combination of spells thrust her into another realm…”

“Oh my God Reuban!” I was sobbing so hard I was beginning to hyperventilate, “I can’t believe Brigate would do that?”

“I had no choice…I’m sorry…if it wasn’t for me all of you would still be here…” My sobs were overshadowed by those of Brigate who was hunched over Reuban’s grave. He looked homeless, unshaven with long, tangled hair and dirty, scruffy clothes. I got up to go over to him when I felt my father’s hand on my shoulder.

“He can’t see you remember? You were never born which means….” Then I realised what he was going to say and I started to shake as I fell to the floor,

“Where’s my baby?” I felt underneath my dressing gown and realised my slight bump had gone,

“I’m sorry Jess. There was no you and Reuban, so there is no baby!” My father knelt beside me, wrapping his arms around me as I became hysterical. I know I had issues with being pregnant and what my child might turn out like but this devastated me. The loss of Reuban and my baby in the same moment was too much for me to take. I felt the darkness overwhelm me until that was all I could see. I was hoping the darkness had finally claimed me.

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