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Christmas Dawn Part TWO

Welcome to the second part of Christmas Dawn. Its time to meet Jess' mom as the Ghost of Christmas Present. Please remember all my stories are for ADULT READERS ONLY.

Chapter Three

I was walking through the corridors of the Council staring at my mother. I couldn’t believe she was here, after all this time.

“I miss you Jess, more than you can imagine.” she said turning to face me.

“So stay.” I sighed, already knowing the answer.

“You know I can’t. I have a purpose tonight, to show you how important you are. The Creator wanted to send Demeter but after you killed her daughter I didn’t think it would be a good idea. I actually begged for the second time in my life to be given the gift of coming here…to see you again…my daughter…” I could hear the pain in her voice.

“So you’re stronger when you come to this realm?” I already knew she was because I was sure she had broken my rib when she hugged me. Luckily I can heal fast.

“Only in my original form…I know what you want to ask Jess. Why wasn’t I strong before I died? If I had been things may have turned out differently? When I begged to return to find love it was under the condition I was to be reborn and therefore completely human. I never expected to have dormant abilities that would pass to you and neither did the Creator. When I stood in front of your father to be judged, I had a glimpse of the bargain, like an incomplete vision. It took a while to remember and when I did, I remembered the biggest catch of all. I would never be able to return without opening the gates of Hell. I am pure Jess, the mother of the human race and it is through these bloodlines I’m strong. Whether you like it or not blood connects us all and is the life essence of existence. I absorb the essence through my body whereas you need to consume it due to your father’s angelic nature…”

“My life is so fucked up.” I sighed for my mother to hit me again.

“Language! Anyway we’re here now and I need you to see this.” My mother pushed me through the unopened doors of the library. Shit, would I ever get used to my life?

“I take it we’re in between worlds again?” I mocked as I felt a shudder run down my spin.

“Yep. It’s a little trick I taught your father.” She smirked. So he didn’t know everything.

I looked around and sat in the chairs were Juliet and Maria, with Megan sat on the floor crossed legged.

“So, do you think Jess will turn up in the morning for the festivities?” Juliet said sipping a glass of wine.

“I doubt it.” Maria sighed taking a large gulp,

“She’s gone well miserable. I thought everyone liked Christmas and I’ve gone to all this trouble to decorate…I…I thought she was my friend?” Megan huffed.

“She is but she’s constantly trying to protect us and it’s taking its toll.” Maria kicked off her shoes and folded them under her ass.

“Friends don’t do this.” Megan scowled.

“Her life’s changed so much Meg’s and I’m not sure she knows how to be happy anymore. I know how it feels to want to shut yourself off but this isn’t the way. Can’t you say something to her Maria?” Juliet sighed.

“I can try but I’m not sure she’ll listen. You know how stubborn she is? I can feel that she knows we love her but she can’t let go of the past. Something happened and I’m not quite sure what…”

“Do you think it’s got anything to do with that?” Megan pointed under the Christmas tree and to my horror I saw the present my mother had shoved into my hands all those years ago.

“I think keeping a wrapped present for twenty years isn’t going to help.” Juliet said raising her eyebrow.

“I’m not sure it was a good idea Pixie to rummage in her room to find it. It might make her unstable and I tell you now, you can deal with her temper.” Maria snorted.

“Its important guys…I had a vision…she needs to open it.” Megan picked at her gorilla slippers. I looked at my mother who was looking solemn.

“I’m not opening it! And I only do what I do to make sure they’re safe.” I hissed,

“I know honey but you’re isolating yourself from people who love you. They want you to turn up in the morning but they know you’ll be a miserable cow and spoil the atmosphere.” I glared at my mother and hit her hard on the arm.

“What was that for?” she snorted.

“Language!” I mocked. I was joking and didn’t expect what happened next. My mother slapped me full force across the face. For a moment I could see double and then my eyes began to focus again. I rubbed my cheek in disbelief.

“Jesus mom, what the hell was that for? I was joking!” Deep down I wanted to sob like a baby because my mother had hit me.

“If I hadn’t done it, you would be puking your guts up. Travelling by teleportation for the first time is extremely nauseous.”

“But…” I was about to argue we hadn’t moved when I realised we were stood outside my old apartment in London. I suddenly felt cold and vulnerable standing in the dank corridor in my dressing gown.

“There’s nothing left in that place I want.” I said placing a hand on my belly again. It was a time I wanted to forget. The pain I felt having left everyone behind had almost been too much to bare. My mother smiled, turned me around and pushed me through the wall laughing. Why did I feel like I was being pushed from pillar to post? I felt my mother’s hand on my elbow as she walked through the wall.

“It’s Adam we’re here to see honey.” I suddenly felt terrible. I hadn’t seen Adam since I left him in the hospital. It wasn’t the fact I hadn’t wanted to, more that I couldn’t cope seeing him again. I may have saved him and delayed things but I knew the outcome would always be the same. He was destined to die and I couldn’t help him, no matter how hard I tried.

“I don’t want to be here!” I hissed, pushing my mother’s hand away.


“Because I don’t!”


“Because no matter what I do, he’s still going to die! I couldn’t save him…I failed him!” I felt the tears begin to form in my eyes.

“You’ll soon learn Jess that you can’t save everyone. Have you ever thought there’s a reason, a greater plan?”

“Yeah…I failed.” I sniffed, holding back the tears. My mother sighed and then nodded to the conversation Adam was having with his mom.

“I’m sorry Adam, I couldn’t give you more…I…I wanted this Christmas to be special for you because…because…” she was trying to hold herself together but she was finding it difficult. I stopped and looked around. The small room had been decorated with paper chains and handmade decorations. A small shabby plastic tree sat on the table with a single present underneath it. It was heart-breaking.

“It’s ok mummy. As long as I have you I don’t need presents…”

“But…” his mother was crying now, blowing her nose into some tissue.

“I’m dying…” he said and then wrapped his arms around her. He didn’t cry, he held her as if reassuring her.

“You’ve always been special Adam and you’re such a strong little boy where it matters. It’s just so unfair that…”

“I know mommy, this is my last Christmas…but I have you and anyway, Elinor will be visiting.” he said and then pulled from his mother.

“Now you know she’s not around anymore. If she cared enough about you she would have at least sent you a card, if nothing else!” she hissed. She was angry and I didn’t blame her. I had been a shit friend to him and he had given me so much hope. I should have done something for him today.

“You’ll be surprised mummy. My monster is good you know? Annnnd even gooder at Christmas!”

“That’s not a word young man.” She smiled.

“Ohhhh mummy I know that. You’re so funny…I’ll miss you…”

“Enough of that! It’s time for bed.” She sniffed wiping at her tears.

“You’ll see mummy.” She picked him up and placed him into bed, tucking him in and kissing his head, “My monster will come.” he said as he turned in my direction and smiled at me. What the hell?

“Can he see us?”

“Maybe. He’s a very special young man Jess, with a destiny to fulfil.”

“Fuck! Why do I think you’re not telling me something again?” What was it with my parents not telling me things? Did they think I was that unstable? Before I had time to question anymore I felt a hard slap across my face.

“It’s not my story to tell.”

“What the fuck?” I yelled for another slap to come my way. “Enough! I give in, I’ll stop swearing.”

“You really should but that’s not why I slapped you. It took two jumps to get you here.” I looked around and all I could see was darkness. It was freezing cold and I could see my breath in the air.

“Where are we now?” I was starting to feel scared. There was nothing. No sound, no light, nothing.

“We are in the between…”


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