Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Dawn Part Four

Welcome to part four of Christmas Dawn.  You've met all of the Ghosts and now its time for Jess to act.  Please remember that this story is for those aged 18+ and it contains scenes of an explicit nature and swearing.

Chapter Five

I jerked awake in Reuban’s arms, not that he noticed. I thought my life couldn’t get any stranger but I knew what I just experienced was all too real. I quickly ran my hand across my belly and sighed in relief when I felt my slight bump. Thank God! I may not have planned this baby but however things turned out I would always love it. I lay in silence for a moment deciding what I was going to do. What Fate had shown me opened my eyes to why my mother had lied to me and made the decisions she had. Everything had been to protect me. As for the girls? I’ve only ever wanted to protect them from the horrors of my own life. Not realising they were more than capable. I was wrong for doing that. I suppose we all make mistakes? Maybe. I needed to make amends for being a shit friend over the last few months. No matter what was going on in my life the people around me truly cared and I had been pushing them away. I was thankful they were stubborn and were still prepared to hang around me. I didn’t deserve it. Adam was a different story altogether. I was absolutely positive he had seen me standing with my mother but how could he? There was definitely more to him than what I thought and it was only a matter of time until I found out. He didn’t deserve the Christmas he was having. It was his last and should be special. I rolled over to look at the alarm clock. Shit! It was six thirty in the morning. I had been whittled at all night and it was about time I actually behaved the way I should. My father showed me what could have been but I was here, in the now and I had places to go and people to see.

Reuban was snoring as usual. For the first time in his life he was content but I hadn’t got time for staring at his glorious body.

“Reuban, wake up…” I said as softly as I could.

“Mmmmmfmffmm…” was all that came from him.

“Reuban, wake up!” I said louder.

“Mmmmmfmffmm…” I rolled my eyes.

“REUBAN, WAKE UP!” I bellowed, shaking the light fittings.

“Mmmmmfmffmm…” He may be content but I needed him awake! So, I pushed him out of bed. I still forgot sometimes how strong I was and this was yet another example of it. Reuban propelled to the other side of the room, hitting the wall full force and sliding down it like a bad cartoon.

“What the fuck Jess?” he mumbled in a heap on the floor.

“I need your help.” I mocked. Deep down I was sorry but he wasn’t waking up. Desperate times called for desperate measures!

“You could’ve just yelled at me or something?” he said getting up.

“Well, I went with the something. Now shut up, I need your help.” I smiled. Reuban looked at me and the amber raged in his eyes. Before I could say anything he leapt on top of me, pinning me to the bed.

“Have I ever told you, you’re sexy when you’re bossy?” He sniffed along my neck and nibbled at me ear. God he made me so horny but I really didn’t have time.

“As much as I want…” He was rubbing his cock into my thigh and I couldn’t speak.

“Oh baby you want all right!” he moaned into my ear.

“Seriously Reuban, we haven’t time…”

“We’ll make time!” he growled. His growl did me in as it rumbled down my body. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and kissed him hard. Gliding his hands under my shoulders he continued to grind into my hip and I could feel his blood pumping to his cock. It was such a weird feeling but my clit was pulsing just as hard. I was past the point of no return as I arched my pussy into his body. His tongue was fighting with mine but I wanted all of him.

“Reuban!” I moaned but he knew what I wanted, he could feel my need for him. In one quick thrust he was inside me, rocking me towards ecstasy. He rose to his hands so he could look into my eyes and I could see the fire burning inside. Things were getting hotter between us due to my pregnancy and I wondered if I would ever make it out of bed in the next few months. I was panting as I felt the ripples flutter through my pussy and how they felt against Reuban’s cock. His thrusts became more urgent as he knelt, pulling my legs around his waist, bringing me closer. He was deep and every thrust had me panting harder. Over and over and over he thrust until I could feel my own orgasm building. I knew he could feel it and when he rubbed my clit with his finger I exploded, milking his hard cock with my muscles. I was still shaking when he pulled my legs over his shoulders and learned forward to kiss me.

“I want to make you come every single day baby…fuck…right…fucking…there!” he growled. He was deep and I could feel the tingle in his balls. This was his favourite position because I couldn’t do much, other than take what he was giving and he was really giving this morning! The deepness and the angle of his throbbing cock was too much as I gripped the bed sheet as another orgasm hit and then Reuban surprised me. He let out a roar that shook everything in the room. He was coming so hard that it tipped me over the edge again. I could feel his cock pulsating inside me as his body went tense, giving me all his release.

“Mine!” he yelled through the roar. Would I ever get used to feeling both of us? He lowered my legs and gently rested his body on top of mine once more.

“That was intense.” I panted.

“Mine!” he said nuzzling my shoulder as he rocked slowly inside me.

“I know, I know…” I smiled and he slid from my body. He pulled me into him in a tight embrace.

“Both mine!” he growled again, rubbing his hand over my belly. I rolled my eyes.

“This is the start isn’t it?” I huffed.

“Yes!” he growled, nipping at my ear.

“I haven’t got time to discuss your over-protectiveness now but we will Reuban…we will!” I said placing my hand on top of his.

“We need to go and see Troy…” Before I could finish my sentence Reuban pulled me harder into his chest and wrapped his arms tighter around me.

“Why?” Oh here we go again, it was one kiss and a mistake!

“Because we do, now let me out of bed and I’ll tell you on the way…”



“It’s Christmas and you and our baby are the greatest present I could have asked for. A year ago I never thought this possible and here you both are. As for Troy? I should have ripped his throat out!” I felt a tear form because I knew Reuban meant every word about us and Troy.

“I know but remember it was me as well and it’s in the past. I’m not interested in him in any way, shape or form but what I need, only he can do…”

“I can do it!” he rumbled.

“Well, unless you can teleport me to London and bespell a human, I doubt that very much.” I laughed,

“Use Claudine!” he growled a demand.

“Oh, she’s still not talking to me and currently looks like a pencil because she thinks I should write down all the cruel things I’ve done to her. She’s being stubborn.”

“Figures! But why bespell a human?”

“Because I’m about to bring two of them inside the Council!”

To be continued in the final Chapter of Christmas Dawn on 13th December.

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