Friday, 11 October 2013

Midnight Book Tours

In conjunction with a great swag designer and an awesome Facebook party organiser I have created Midnight Book Tours.  As an Author I know how frustrating it can be to release your first novel and watch as nothing happens.  In an industry where hundreds of books are self published daily it is easy to be ignored by readers.  Midnight Book Tours has been created to help YOU get your name out their and to be noticed.  No longer do you need to scour the internet for people to help with your promotion as I've combined the fabulous abilities of my team to offer you a one stop shop of all your needs.  

Since starting Indie Brits I've worked with some great Authors and have helped them as much as I could using my blog.  However I've always wanted to take it a step further and promote them to other blogs.  Finally Midnight Book Tours will enable me to do this and personally manage their journey.  I offer a variety of events that are fully managed to take the stress out of promoting yourself.  Even if you only require a banner or a poster nothing is too small.  Any event can be customised to suit you. 

My swag designer Tarnya will work with you to design beautiful hand crafted swag unique to you and your book.  She has successfully worked with Authors to give them something different for release days, competitions and book signing events.  She listens to you and creates something magically unique.

Also joining us is Kendell.  She regularly organises street teams and Facebook party events for Authors on Facebook.  She becomes your admin in these groups and runs them for you until you take over from her.  You may have already been invited to one of her events and not been aware.  You no longer need to stress at creating and organising groups as Kendell will do all this for you.  She is also responsible for some awesome book trailers for Authors.

As you can see we try and offer everything you need to successfully promote yourself.  Our prices are extremely competitive and will remain so until January while we are building our clientèle.  I understand that the majority of Authors are on a tight budget and that is reflected in our pricing.  I also offer Authors the ability to pay in instalments for the larger events and a refer a friend scheme.  We are all here to work with YOU and to make your books as successful as they can be.


You can find more information here:

BLOGGERS ARE ALSO WANTED TO BECOME MEMBERS.  I know how tedious it can be to individually sign up to events.  As a Midnight Book Tours blog member you can group book events to make scheduling your blog easier.

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