Saturday, 12 October 2013

KL Mabbs Book Spotlight

Michael Scott is ex military turned writer. He spends his winters in seclusion writing his next best seller. While in the Canadian Rockies he tracks a wolf to a trap he has set, thinking it was the wolf after his livestock from the year before. He finds instead a beautiful woman in the jaws of his trap. She mostly growls at him until she realizes this is the mate she's been seeking. He names her Faelon and then finds out she has enemies. So does Michael. And all of them are ganging up on them at the same time. Some want the military tech Michael has, a personal adaptive computer that bonds with it's owner making him better, at almost everything. Another enemy wants to wipe out Faelon for being what she is, a wolf / human shifter created out of Navajo mythology, until he finds out her creation can bring back his son. then he wants even more out of her. Michael and Faelon just want each other. Nobody is going to let them do that. It's a chase through the Rocky Mountains to save each other and keep their secrets from the world.

I’m a writer. Passionate, driven, obsessed. All the qualities that that let me write a hundred thousand words in several months of time. I’ve worked as a Blaster, Fabricator, Upholsterer, built brass beds and MRI machines and I've Ghostwritten to name only a few professions. I think I'm working on my eighth profession. I have a million words to my credit and published my first Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance to Amazon. My second book, self-published, is due out within the next two months. The God'less Saga, a military sci-fi that explores how two political systems deal with the advent of telepathy in the human race. I've also signed with Fey publishing, a small indie press, for the first book in a sword and fantasy world called Spellsword. It's due out for the end of the 2013 or early 2014.


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