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Howling Dawn Part One

Thank you everyone for reading the Jessica Dawn Series.  As a huge thank you I have written this Halloween short.  It takes place after Rising Dawn and before the attack in Darkest Dawn.  I hope you enjoy!

Part One

Oct 31st  - Halloween
Jess and Reuban
10 a.m.

Reuban was looking at me from the bed as I was trying to get changed,
“What?” I said turning towards him,
“Nothing!” he smiled,
“I know you too well for you to say nothing.” I raised an eyebrow at him.  He was avoiding something.
“Come on, spit it out!  NOW!” I hissed,
“You know tonight’s Halloween?”
“Not that I could miss it with Megan putting up all those decorations…”
“Errr, yeah…well…”
“Will you just spit it out?”  I was losing my temper.  He was pussy footing around something and I wished he would just tell me.
“Some of us go a bit freaky on All Hallows Eve and well…we have secrets!” he rubbed his hands through his gorgeous hair and all I wanted to do was jump all over him.  Now that would be fun!
“SO?” I bellowed.  He was starting to piss me off.  I needed to persuade him to tell me.  I smiled and wiggled my eyebrows as I pulled the zip down on my top, exposing my breasts,
“What are you doing?” he grinned,
“Making you feel more comfortable?”  I unclipped my bra and flicked it onto his head.  He pulled it off and I saw amber flare into his eyes,
“You’re definitely making me feel comfortable!”  I could see his erection under the sheet and I crept forward rubbing my nipples,
 “So tell me!” I said licking my lips,
“Tonight has always been special for everything supernatural…weird things happen and well…my wolf takes over.  I usually lock myself in my room but I can feel it will be different this time.  There’s no anger with you.”
“And you want me to be there?” I stripped from my sweat pants and crawled up Reuban’s body.
“My wolf needs you there…so…” he smiled as I lowered myself to me,
“Then I will be.”
“Not all of us like to show this uncontrollable side of us but I need to show you!”
 I kissed him and he grabbed my ass, pulling me closer to him.  This was going to be fun!  What the hell was I letting myself into?

Maria and Kroll
5 p.m.

It was the calm before the storm.  I had about an hour before things got freaky and I would be flooded with emotion.  Halloween magnified my Empath abilities and I wouldn’t be able to resist anymore.  I could already feel my body seeking out emotion and I was twitching trying to concentrate on my reports.  Nobody knows Brigate asked me a long time ago to keep records on their mental stability and they would probably freak out if they knew.  I was about to lock everything away when Kroll appeared at the door and smiled,
“You ok?”  He looked so hardened but I knew he wasn’t.
“I can feel it already…” I said rubbing my hands across my face,
“I’ve brought you this…” he smirked and from behind his back pulled out a spliff,
“What the hell?” I chuckled,
“I know it hurts kitten.  I thought this would help and we could spend the night together.  The change is happening for me too!”  He prowled closer and sat on the sofa opposite me with his arms resting along the back.  Sitting next to him I felt his arms wrap around me.  I rested my head on his chest and sighed,
“Look Gizmo, you’re gonna be changing in about thirty minutes.  Do you think weed is gonna help?”
“I wish you wouldn’t!  Cuddle Muffin and now Gizmo?”  His eyes were turning red and I could feel the scales under his skin.  His change was definitely coming.
“You’re a twat but I love you!” I sniffed.  Getting up I rummaged through my draw until I found my old lighter.  I smiled and lit the spliff, taking a long hard drag.
“I love you too kitten!”  He took the spliff and kissed me.  Suddenly we heard a roar,
“Well, it looks like Reuban’s on the prowl?”  Kroll looked at me and coughed,
“I think we’ve got enough time for me to break in that new desk of yours!” He smirked.  I grinned ripping his t-shirt open.  He let out a low growl and I took another drag of weed.  This was going to be an interesting night!

Look out for PART TWO on 31st October....

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