Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Happy Release Day to C.L Foster

Synopsis: The curse of the Cortez family followed Mira Cortez and a decision needed to be made; it wasn’t if she will go but a matter of when. Mira won’t sit by and wait while her mate is sent on a mission that could end him and their chance to break her family’s curse. She must join her mate and use her hidden ability to protect him and their way of life, before they all become Endangered.

The family of wereleopards must battle for their lives against their greatest enemy... their own family. 
With the odds against them, everything depends on The Cortez Quintuplets. Combined they’re a force to be reckoned with but when Rozar Cortez meets her mate, everything changes. With all on the line, she must choose: continue to fight with her family and use her curse ability or take a chance on love even if he’s not what he seems.

Will Rozar follow her heart or will she face being trapped by the Grip of Mortality?

CL is eclectic, geeky, positive, nature-loving and completely non-"normal" (just the way she likes to be). She has been a fan of literature since she was a small child and finally decided to take her dreams (both waking and sleeping!) and do something positive with them.

CL has lived all over the world and has a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, minoring in Psychology and Forensics. Which means you don't want to cross her because she knows how and where to hide a body so it's never found! She proudly admits to hearing voices in her head, but at times, her characters' impromptu visits can be rude and annoying. Thankfully, she has adequate patience for their shenanigans and can out ninja them any day of the week.

CL's voice is boisterous, sassy, and not finished yet! Stay tuned!


"You know a guy needs to feel pretty too," he answered as he turned back to face them and fluttered his eyelashes. "I find that the apron and pajama pants look really brings out my inner goddess and helps me connect with the females in my life," he chuckled. "We have to walk a mile in someone else's shoes before we can understand them, right? And hey, if it gets the attention of a beautiful woman, I am obviously doing something right," he added, leaning in her direction. He sent her a wink and turned around to continue with his work.

"You know, Shade, I think purple is your color. You, satin, and Cavalli would be a match made in heaven, truly," Mira added to the conversation. Not helping, but added anyway.

"Please don't encourage him!" Rozar's giggles burst from her. She put her hand up to cover her mouth.

Shade leaned on the bar that separated the cooking area from the small breakfast table. "Girl, right? That and some Louboutin's and I would be fierce!" His laugh resonated through the room when Rozar's face turned from giggles to horror. "I'm just teasing, love." When she smiled again at him, he added, "I haven't worn heels in weeks!"

Rozar finally gave in and burst into full laughter. "I can just see you strutting through the woods in full glam." She grabbed her stomach and continued to laugh as she pulled up a chair at the bar to sit and watch Shade work.

"It's not glam. It's rustic chic. Not everyone can pull it off, but I have the goods, I think," he said and did a small turn in the kitchen. "Well?"

"Totally," Mira agreed as Rozar groaned.

"What did I say about encouraging him?" They were all laughing so hard it was difficult to speak.

"I'm just saying, a guy that knows what Cavalli and Louboutin even is, is a keeper," Mira jeered as she shot her sister a wink.

"As if we ever wear that high-end garbage. All of us just want to play outside and run as our leopard. We don't need clothes for that," Rozar reminded.

"And I fully support the no-clothes policy you are trying to initiate." When she deadpan stared at him for five consecutive seconds, he scooted back to the stove to work more.

"So -," she was choking on her laughter so much, she could no longer control her breathing or sentences. "What's for breakfast?"

©CL Foster 2013

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