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Howling Dawn Part Two

Thank you once again for reading my series and now for what you've all been waiting for - part two of Howling Dawn.

Happy reading everyone!

Megan and Juliet
8 p.m.

“Don’t you think you’ve put up enough decorations?” I glared at Megan balancing on step ladders.  She was trying desperately to fix a fake cobweb in the corner of the library and was about to fall off.  It was covered in Halloween decorations.  Pumpkins, skulls, coffins, a barrel full of apples, cobwebs everywhere and a very fake Vampire cackling away.
“Just one more please Jules?”  I had to dive to catch her before her tutued ass hit the floor.
“You’re going to kill yourself one of these days!” I hissed,
“Think I might see it coming!” she mocked.  She would be the death of me at least!
“I think there’s enough decorations for the party now.”

“You get really grumpy on Halloween.  All I want is for everyone to enjoy themselves.  I could’ve easily gone and watched the Halloween film marathon at the cinema, but oh no, I stay and look after all you weirdo’s because you have a freak out on Halloween, like a heard of hormonal teenagers…” she frowned at me and took another deep breath, “…and you…you Jules, need to sort your shit out.  Every Halloween you ignore her.  Don’t you think it’s time you spoke to her?” Megan huffed and shuffled to her feet. 
“It’s only an echo Megan.  There’s nothing to say to something that isn’t real!”  That’s the thing about ghosts, very few were coherent.  All they did was follow you, like a memory, until tonight when the veil was thin enough for them to be visible.
“You’ve ignored her for decades now!  Just talk to her.  I need to make these grapes look like eyeballs anyway…I think it’s time Juliet?”  Megan only called me Juliet when she was trying to have a serious conversation with me.  Maybe she was right?  Every year at this time she appeared.  Not for long but it was long enough to make me feel broken inside.  Megan looked up at me and nodded to what was stood behind me.  I took a deep breath and turned around,
“Meredith!”  The apparition looked at me and tilted her head. “It’s been a long time…” I sighed.  She always looked the same.  Her hair was loose to her waist and she was wearing her favourite gown, although she was all white.  I felt stupid talking to something I knew couldn’t speak back.  I turned back around to see Megan glaring at me,
“I mean it Jules!” she said peeling the skin from a grape.  I closed my eyes and turned back to Meredith.  I told Megan everything about her when I married Troy and I thought I had let go but here she was.
“You know you’ll always have a place in my heart but I’m with Troy now.  I love him more than anything in this world and it’s not fair that you return like this.  I miss you so much but I’ve moved on.  You were my first love and opened my heart.  I can’t keep ignoring you and I think it’s time.  I release you from any guilt you felt from that night.  What happened was neither of our fault and the actions of single minded men.  I would do anything to go back and save you from those flames but what is done, is done.  I’m sorry and I release you!”  I felt a tear trickle down my cheek and was shocked when Meredith floated closer.  She looked at me and smiled,
Thank you…”  She closed her eyes and then she faded away.  I crumbled to the floor sobbing.  This was the reason I ignored her for so long.  I had a reputation to up-keep and breaking down like this was not part of it.  I opened my eyes and Megan was sat in front of me stuffing chocolate in her mouth,
“You needed to say it Jules, not matter how much it hurt!” she frowned handing me a red lolly,
“I know…” I said wiping the tears from my face, “…what’s this?  You know I can’t eat normal food!”
“Just suck on it will you.  Geeze, why’s everything so difficult with you?  I made them ‘specially because I knew that!” she huffed.  I looked at it and sniffed. “It’s not bloody poison!” she huffed.  I licked at it and smiled,
“Blood?” I said raising an eyebrow,
“Of course!  Now shall we get this party started?”  Megan hopped up and turned on the music.  I could hear roars and screaming in the background,
“Cool sound effect Megs!” I smiled,
“What sound effects?”

8:10 p.m.

I was pounding down the corridor.  I knew Reuban said he would freak out because it was Halloween but I never expected this!  I was looking over my shoulder as I ran. I could hear Reuban’s claws scratching at the floor as he was trying to catch me.  Shit!  I was too busy to notice Maria running down the other corridor when she crashed into me,
“Shit!” I said as our bodies collided, knocking us both to the floor,
“We have to move…now!” she yelled.  We scrambled to our feet and started to run together,
“What are you running from?” I panted,
“Kroll.  I take it Reuban’s out as well?” she smiled quickly,
“He said his wolf wanted me to be there.  He never said I had to lock him up!  What’s up with Kroll?”  I saw smoke coming from behind us and winced,
“Yeah well…we got a bit stoned and I forgot to chain him and now…well…”  A fireball shot over our heads down the corridor.
“Shit!  Where the hell are we running to?”  It seemed a good idea to start running.  After all there were so many corridors down here, I hoped I could tire Reuban out.  How wrong I was!
“I was following you!” she said looking worried.
“DOUBLE SHIT!”  We skidded and turned down the corridor. Shit!  It was literally a dead end.
“Quick, the library!”  We burst through the double doors to see Megan twirling about to Michael Jackson’s Thriller as Juliet sucked on a lolly.
We shut the doors, locking them behind us and pushed our backs into them.
“Am I missing something?” Juliet hissed.  I felt Reuban hit the doors and then it started to get hot.  It was about to come off its hinges and I couldn’t stop it.
“Is that Reuban?” Megan said shocked,
“And Kroll!” Maria yelled.  The doors buckled again at the force of Reuban and Kroll thundering into them,
“We can’t hold them back for much longer.  Megan go hide…NOW!”  I bellowed.  Megan run behind the sofa and Juliet stood next to us.
“We’re going to have to let them in so we can contain them!”
“Like shit we are!” Maria shouted at Juliet,
“She’s right Maria…on the count of three…”  Maria glared at me and then I counted,
“Three…two…one…”  We dived from the door and Reuban broke through, sliding along the floor.  I had to do a double take because I didn’t know whether to scream or laugh.  I expected Kroll to be pounding in after him, not riding on his back! What the hell?
“Why’s Kroll six inches and riding Reuban like a horse?” I said turning to Maria on the floor next me,
“He gets a bit freaky on Halloween and doesn’t like anyone to see him like this…” she laughed.  Megan popped her head up above the sofa,
“He looks like Gizmo or rather a Gremlin…I mean a proper Warner Brothers’ Gremlin!” she laughed and ducked at Kroll spitting a fireball in her direction,
“He hates being called Gizmo…” Maria laughed.  Kroll jumped off Reuban’s back and ran up Maria’s jumper,
“So why where you running away from him?” I smirked.  Kroll coughed and singed her hair,
“He gets frisky and he burns stuff!  He can’t remember what he does when he’s like this and all Gremlins lock themselves away tonight.  It’s embarrassing for them.”  I could see Maria’s jumper moving and then Kroll’s head poked up through her breasts, making himself comfortable.  Then I remembered Reuben who was looking at me tilting his head,
“And why where you running form Reuban?”  Maria mocked raising her eyebrow,
“Shit!”  I was about to get up but it was too late.  Reuban pounded towards me.  Maria and Juliet rolled out of the way when he jumped onto of me.  I could hear laughter, uncontrollable, tear-jerking laughter,
“Will someone please get him off me?”  Reuban was humping me like a dog.  This was ridiculous!
“He’s going to have to finish before I’m getting anywhere near!” Juliet laughed.  He was panting as he humped me.  Dear God this was embarrassing!  I pushed him off me, managing to get to my feet.  Before I could move he was humping my leg,
“I think he likes you?” Maria laughed.  Kroll was now fast asleep in between her breasts and was bobbing about as she laughed.  I fell onto the sofa and rolled my eyes.
“I thought he got violent?” I said turning to Juliet,
“He usually does but it seems his wolf’s a bit horny…” she started to chuckle, “…oh this is so funny!”
“So, I have to stay like this with him humping my leg?”  I tried to kick him away but he was held tight as he thrust into my shin.  He was really going for it now as his furry ass bobbed up and down.
“Yep!”  Juliet said biting her lip to stop herself from laughing.
It took Reuban thirty minutes to stop and finally depart from my leg.  He was now curled up in the corner fast asleep with Kroll passed out next to him.  Didn’t they look cute?
“What have we let ourselves into with these men of ours?” I said while Megan pushed my head into a barrel full of water as I tried to bob for apples,
“They need us I suppose.  Kroll’s at his most vulnerable tonight and I suppose Reuban is as well?” Maria groaned as she looked at a bowl of eyeballs,
“I think we’re all vulnerable tonight but we have each other.” Juliet smiled.  I had no idea what had been wrong with her earlier but she seemed like a massive weight had lifted from her shoulders now,
“And you all have me!”  Megan smiled cranking up the music,
“And us…”  The doors opened and there stood everyone else.  Brigate, Diana, Angie, Troy and my father.  This was my family,
“Well, we better get this party started then!” I smiled, “Happy Halloween everyone…”

Thank you all for reading the Jessica Dawn Series.  It means so much that you share these stories and I hope you will continue this journey with me.
Happy Halloween everyone!!

Xxx E.I Jennings xxX

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