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The Novels of Becki Brannen Spotlight

The novels of Becki Brannen

A woman goes on the honeymoon of a wedding she never had, trying to find herself. She finds a mysterious stranger in the process, who helps her deal with love and loss.

Elle Duncan is an American beauty who travels to paradise to cope with the end of a marriage that never was. Stavros Nicolaides is a handsome Greek fisherman who also happens to work at the hotel in which Elle is staying. Seeing the sadness in her eyes, he feels drawn to her, having experienced his own painful past. 
Can two people overcome loss to find true love, or is this just a holiday infatuation? 

Book One
What happens when an ordinary girl meets the man of everyone’s dreams? Keeping secrets is never easy, especially since Ryan Spalding is on the cover of every magazine and this year's "Hottest Hunk under 30." Good thing Carly Sparks is so out of the loop when it comes to celebrity affairs, or she'd realize she was in one!

Book Two
Carly and Ryan are getting married! Carly is convinced she can have it all - a budding law career, the perfect wedding and even a new house...err...mansion. Can she juggle everything, or will she drop the ball?

Book Three
Carly and Ryan are married! 
But will baby make three before Carly has a chance to come clean about their elopement? 
Carly seems like she's got it all - a dream job and a dreamy husband - but she's starting to feel like her dream job is turning into a nightmare. She's feeling incomplete and just needs something... more. With the possibility that she's pregnant, and her lack of enthusiasm for her job, Carly embarks on a career path that she's hoping will leave her fulfilled and feeling like she's done something to leave her mark on the world.

The wonderful Becki....

I was born and raised in the South. I married my high school sweetheart and we have two daughters and a poodle, Sophie. I enjoy writing 'chick lit' with a Christian twist. I've written three books in the Breathless series - Breathless, Strapless & Sleepless. While my latest book, Peregrine, is a definite departure, I still explore the characters' relationships with God. They're not perfect angels, but then, who is? As for for future books, there will be more to come soon!

Where do you find these awesome books?

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But that's not all!!

Becki is  running a promo right now - if a person likes her FB page and sends her an email at with their address, she will send them two signed bookmarks! The only catch is, they need to tell one friend why they love her, her books or the genre in which she writes. Easy peasy! One bookmark for them and one for that friend! Win win!

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