Thursday, 12 September 2013

Old Sins, Long Shadows by B.D Hawkey Book Spotlight

Old Sins, Long Shadows by B.D Hawkey

A young woman’s journey of self discovery and love.   Old Sins, Long Shadows is a Cornish Victorian romance set against the backdrop of the magnificent Bosvenna Estate and the sweeping dramatic hills of Bodmin Moor. Janey Carhart's story is a tale of obsession, jealousy and love.
Abandoned by her father and rejected by her mother, financial difficulties and a desire to win back her mother's love forces Janey to enter service where she quickly rises through the ranks. Upon her arrival to the elegant Cornish Country Estate, she successfully secures a position of a lady's maid for the wealthy and powerful Brockenshaw family. An exchange of letters between Lady Brockenshaw and her son ignites Janey's interest, but Janey's feelings for this mysterious and charming gentleman soon change her life forever.  Old sins cast long shadows and there are others whose sins risk destroying her, the people she cares about and her capacity to love again.

B.D.Hawkey was born in Cornwall and enjoyed a fulfilling twenty-five year career as a nurse.  Her first published work was a short poem called "Taken" in the book titled "Bright Voices" published by United Press Ltd. in 2003. "Bright Voices" was a collection of poems by various artists from the South West of England.
I wrote my first book at the age of ten and have always had the desire to write. Following a career change, I now have the time.

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