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Memoirs of a Succubus Book Spotlight

Sex is the ultimate carnal desire, a sharing of energy and light between one or more individuals. Natalya Hart is in a world of sinful flesh where her power sharing is grossly one-sided. Having reckless tryst after reckless tryst, living in a state of the orgasmic now, Natalya becomes faced with a dilemma. Should she continue on a path of indulgent behavior or investigate her lewd acts seeking answers to questions that loom? Two men, one on each side of her double-sided morals, guide Natalya until the bitter end, wanting her to choose one or the other. Should she stay untamed, listening to the man who reassures her about her natural-born tendencies? Or should she seek out the white picket fence, becoming a “good girl” with the one who falls in love with her at first sight? You determine those answers in...Memoirs of a Succubus

The Ringer

After showering and dressing in a plain white tee and jeans, minus boxers as he knew she would request, he headed to Natalya's townhouse arriving with 5 minutes to spare. Finding the door ajar to Natalya's lavish three-bedroom, four-bath, split-level residence, he stepped into the darkness of her domain with caution. At this point in their acquaintance, he knew that the object that he was seeking would appear in the only room with a candle showing a single violet flame. Curious as to where she purchased candles, he asked her a few months back but with annoyance she informed him that the candles were found in the basement of her home when she moved in.

As he stalked through the foyer, he could smell the familiar scent of lavender and vanilla permeating the air on the lower level, alerting him to the fact that his prize was soon to appear. Walking past the sitting room with urgency, he took a fleeting moment to admire the upscale decor of her domain. With soft, rich chocolate leather furnishings set in contrast with the icy, chill of the iron metal tables, coupled with the nude paintings of women, the entire room looked like a decadent box of chocolates.

Soon he started pacing down the hallway leading to the kitchen, when he halted with abruptness. The downstairs bathroom had a shimmering glow of plum light escaping through the door frame. He closed his eyes inhaling the delicate scent of vanilla and chamomile.

Mmmmm. She always smells good enough to eat.

His mouth watered from the memories of her.

Before he took the step of no return, that he became accustom to for the past few months, he took a deep breath, shook his head, turning the knob with a costive hesitation. “Here we go again.”

In my paranormal romance, Memoirs of a Succubus, the female lead, Natalya Hart, searches for a lot of answers to questions that linger in her mind. One being who is she as a person and mainly who is she as a woman….

~Is it truly okay to have a lot of sexual experiences with different people?~

~Does dominance mean that I do not know how to submit or love?~

~What is normal? And who really cares what that normal is?~

These are some of the questions that not only Natalya asks herself in the book but everyday women tend to wonder about themselves…

Here is a quote from an interview I did soon after the release that had a lot of women (and men) mystified with curiosity of their past, present, and future…

“What I am trying to get across to my readers is that sex is not always dysfunctional (yes, sometimes it can be) but things happen in life for a reason (even dysfunctional things). Do not look at a one-night-stand as something horrible, but a tantalizing experience of carnality without thought.”

This survival guide with present my subscribers with helpful scenarios, tantalizing series, answer to questions, and fun facts that Natalya uses to survive being a MANEATER!!

…ENJOY…I know I will…

In the first installment, Lilly Mac opens up a discussion about using your 5 senses to lure in that potential life long mate.  Click the following link to see what her advice is…

Meet Natalya Hart a young and sexually charged woman ready for adventure. She cannot be tied down by any man. The world is her oyster. Her curves and butternut complexion makes men fall over themselves when she enters a room. She has the cockiness of an over-sexed beast but the class of woman who has her own. Even though she has no family in the world she remains stable in an exquisite townhouse near to a friendly neighbor. Natalya moves to the beat of her drum cutting men out left and right; adding in new replacements at the drop off a hat.
But is this normal behavior?
Sometimes Natalya feels like someone is watching her – possibly within. As these urges become unbearable, she thinks back on her past events that some might deem dysfunctional. When it’s time for answers to her questions she seeks out assistance receiving life-changing results. Sometimes our dreams are real occurrences being held in our subconscious waiting for a release.
Natalya has to watch her back or her past will catch up to her…

Lillian MacKenzie Rhine (Lilly Mac Rhine) Author Bio
Lillian MacKenzie Rhine is a writer who weaves stories together in her mind; creating an articulate quilt patched together with interesting characters and riveting plots. She has an open approach to genre writing where the pen dictates the theme written on the pages. Each chosen word that Lillian MacKenzie Rhine engraves into her stories will connect with her readers’ reality at some point in his or her past, present, or future.
Remember, always keep an open mind and it will expand all horizons.

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