Friday, 30 August 2013

Tara Barnacle

About the Author:
I’ve always written, even as a child, squashed in the back of the car on summer holidays I’d be scribbling little stories about the people and places that we drove through. Guess I’d be making notes on my iPad if I was a kid today! My middle writing years were less creative, although no less interesting, as non-fiction took up more and more of my writing time. At last, I’ve taken all of that study and blended it with my love of the hidden stories of people and places and the result was my first fiction ebook..Blood, Bone and Stone!
About her novel...Blood Bone and Stone
If you like archaeological fiction, reincarnation, and the joy of letting a mystery unravel page by page, this is for you! The story spans the millennia between modern day Oxford and Bronze Age Orkney, with the mysterious Glastonbury floating somewhere in between, combining modern day archaeology and ancient history, cutting edge DNA research and reincarnation, exploring the borders of life and death, and what it means to be a mother.
Iona is an archaeologist who is burying herself in her work in an attempt to forget her guilt and grief after the death of her mother. When the team uncovers the skeleton of a Bronze Age woman in the sands of an Orkney beach, Iona is about to discover the true nature of life and death, and the enduring nature of love. Sometimes, when we uncover the past, we discover ourselves.
What Reviewers have said:
"It has been a very long time since I read a book which I just could not put down! I do hope this is not the end of the story...more please! And now, three days after finishing the book, I am still thinking about the characters!"
"had to force myself to stop reading and go to sleep! I love archaeological fiction, and this is that and a whole lot more...a compelling story and engaging characters, but also jam packed with accurate historical and scientific information. What a fantastic read! Can't wait for the next one!"

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