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Others Of Edenton Series Review

November is the review month on Indie Brits.  We are kicking off the reviews with Brandy L Rivers and her 'Others of Edenton' series.
Here is what my Indie Brit Angel has to say...

Boy meets girl, girl gets al gooey and cartoon hearts appear in her eyes while planning weddings and children and the happy couple live happily ever after until death they do part. Right? Not according to Brandy L Rivers book In Too Deep.
It's more like girl runs boy over with her Harley while fleeing her recent loser ex, girl then saves boy from vampires and heals him from injuries and kicks serious ass in the process.
The fact that boy is actually an amazingly delicious piece of were candy named Brody and girl is gorgeous druid Fallon that takes zero shit and determined to assert her self dependence add up to explosive heat. Fallon is off men and Brody is still not over the death of his wife and mate neither exactly were ready for happy ever after.
Brody's patient persistence and kindness eventually allows Fallon to let down her guard and find her happiness. In Too Deep has an equal mix of humor and heaviness, action and romance. Its passionate without the gooey-gooey female leads growing all soft and smooshy. Brandy absolutely delivers with Fallon and Brody smoking up the room and not leaving a dry seat in the house. It glues you to the page leaving you anxious to see what happens next. Personally, Fallon, with her tats and piercings, humanity and loyalty has to be my personal favorite of the series. Total 5*s

Being psychic didn't always make life easy. Especially after a one night stand with your alpha that was fuelled by way too much to drink and followed by a true coyote ugly moment and massive hangover. So Jess did what any other she wolf would do- get the hell out of dodge and move to another town and another pack. The fact that there's an abandoned bar for sale and new promise to swear off men (especially her alphas!) is all the fuel she needs.
She didn't count on finding that her new alpha Slater is so hot and smexy that panties would drop from the next town over when he smiled. And despite Jess' self discipline and wavering promise to stay hands off with men she finds herself disconcertingly drawn to the man.
Add into the mix a bat shit crazy Beta Liam,  and psychotic ex Alpha with serious mental issues it sends sparks flying and action that keeps going until the final page.
Explosive passion, hard core female lead that takes no shit and makes no apologies,  and men that are so hot they could melt butter, Brandy L. Rivers creates a world that is so realistic you can smell the pheromones. The large and cast of characters are so vivid and varied allows you to feel a part of the action. Added with the equal amount of fantasy and reality, and people that are flawed and imperfect create a genuine book that is truly hard to find. 4*s. I look forward to the next book eagerly!

Purple haired and violet eyed Amethyst is in dire need of a change in scenery. Shy, quiet, and timid,  she moves to Edenton to be with her friends Fallon and Jess. She hopes to find a place where she belongs and away from the memories of her exes suicide. Unfortunately her wishes are dashed as soon as she enters the towns limits and is pulled over by one seriously pisses off cop. He takes in her strange appearance from the top of her purple head and multiple piercings to the bottom of her tiny tatted toes and promptly arrests her.
Already shaken and afraid, her first impressions aren't exactly stellar and meeting sheriff Hayden who's towering presence hides his inner kindness and gentle nature. Sensing Amethysts wariness Hayden handles the tiny nymph with care that surprises her and confuses her at the same time. He releases her with the promise that he would be watching her, he is quite surprised at the emotion he feels towards her. He is drawn to the alluring little woman who has him tied up inside and feeling things he never thought he'd feel and needing Amethyst is a way he knows she's not ready to give.
In Shadows Fall we see Amethyst grow and thrive to become an assertive and powerful woman who loses her timidness in time to snatch up the smexy sheriff and find her true self. In a match with the dangerous shadow fae Izackarus, she is forced to embrace her true calling and dig deep inside herself finding a power she never knew she had. Along the way she learns to love the sheriff and is completed. Love and patience are a constant theme in this book along with acceptance and tolerance. Those themes allows you to become so enthralled that you totally lose yourself in the pages and mourning the last page and eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the series. Falling Into Place can't come soon enough! 4*s

Thoughts about the series...

One thing I noticed while reading The Others series is the overwhelming undercurrent morals of acceptance despite difference and love and loyalty to those closest to you. Yes its paranormal and yes its romance but its done so smoothly and so fluidly that the romance isn't all encompassing to those involved and makes you want to gag. The paranormal is done where its not hokey and borderline stupid where you read it and think " yeah right". Its a perfect combination of the two.
The characters are written so well that you could picture them clearly. Given the large cast that includes many people in the town, it would be easy as an author to make the people on the outskirts of the story line be simple and one dimensional. Brandy makes each one come to life and take shape that creates a fullness to the story line that so many books lack.
I also love the fact that all the female leads are strong, independent women that have no issue kicking ass and taking names or telling you exactly what size, shape and color the object is that you may stick in whatever available nook and or cranny on your body. The men are open minded and secure in themselves so they don't have to always rush to the females rescue and carry them away from all danger big and small. Or the fact that they are huge ass hats that think like barbarians, you woman, me man, lets go hump.
The town of Edenton feels like Anyplace town USA where you could see yourself walking sown main street and step into Jess's bar or get tatted up by Fallon or pierced by Amethyst .
Its quite rare to find a book or series under paranormal romances that is as seamlessly written in a way that's both believable and not a cheese fest of rolling eyes and gagging over wussy women. I honestly don't recommend books that often, much less a series, however I do see myself doing just that in the very near future. I absolutely would say that these books are well worth the time to at least try one out. I hope you enjoy them nearly as much as I did.

Come get lost in Edenton

New Beginnings

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In Too Deep

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Shadows Fall.

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