Friday, 1 November 2013

Charged by Casey Harvell Release Day

Kat is just an average teenage girl. When the new guy moves to town, she's shocked when she falls for the boy next door. With her best friend Brie, and new boyfriend Mason, life is looking better than ever.

When Brie and Kat land a gig for their band, excitement is in the air. But a cross of wires leaves Kat charged with electricity when her amp explodes.

And things just keep getting weirder...A sudden nanobot apocalypse leaves Kat's new talents as the only thing that stands between mankind and the end of the world.


We make sure the house is locked up tight before we stand by the back door. The back yards appear empty, but we can still hear the panic on the streets out front. Locking the back door behind us, we creep through the backyards without incident, until we reach the street we have to cross, in order to get to the next set of yards.

I’m not surprised to see it’s as chaotic as Brie’s street. Everyone is hysterical, and trying to get out of town at once, with no regard for anyone’s safety. “We have to get across, try to stay together and not to draw attention to ourselves. The last thing we need are people catching onto our plan and tearing through the yards after us.” I whisper.

I take another look, and Mason pulls me back quickly, as a car comes flying down the sidewalk. It misses me by inches. Seconds later, it crashes into a telephone pole, and the front of the car catches fire, smoke billowing from it a few feet away. I figure his is about as good a chance as we’re going to get. “Go!” I yell, and take off weaving through the mess of cars and people, hoping Brie and Mason are behind me.

When I round the corner behind the house across the street, I stop, resting my hands on my thighs, trying to catch my breath. To my relief, Mason and Brie appear next to me almost instantly, mirroring my actions.

“That was like an obstacle course.” Mason says.

“Really,” Brie agrees, taking big gulps of air.

I want to wait to catch our breath more, but another explosion from the road tells me it’s time to move again. “C’mon.”

My house is empty when we get there. I change quickly, throw some clothes and some more supplies in my bag, and leave my own note for my mom. We find Mason’s house empty too. It’s discouraging, and we take a minute to figure out our next move.

“Let’s go up to the attic.” Mason suggests. “We can at least have a better view of what’s going on outside.”

It’s a good thing we did, but my heart falls as I look towards the downtown area, the place where all of our parents work. It looks like a war zone, completely impassable. My heart breaks, thinking of my mom. She’s working at the hospital. If people came in, infected, there would be no hope for her. Staring at the smoke and throngs of people running, I know we can’t go there, can’t look for our parents. Brie starts to cry, and Mason’s cheeks are wet. None of us have to say anything, we all know.
I’m the one to break the silence. “We have to go.” My voice is numb.

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Casey is an up and coming indie author, she resides in the Hudson River Valley of Upstate New York with her husband and their two children. She is slightly zombie obsessed and known to use the word ‘boom’ frequently. Currently, Casey is hard at work on the second book in her Decisions series (Harsh Decisions, the sequel to Righteous Decisions) and the second book in her Electric series (Shocked, the sequel to Charged).

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