Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Dawn 2014

First of all I'd like to thank all of my readers for downloading Jessica's adventures. It means such a lot to me. Secondly, I thought I would give you all a treat by writing another Christmas short. I've had lots of emails and messages about naming the baby and I thought what better Christmas present than to finally do just that. I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and of course happy reading!

It was my very first Christmas and mommy and daddy said that I was still the best gift they could ever have. I wanted a big cuddly toy and for someone to stop the pigs flying over my bed. Daddy always turned them on to send me to sleep and I had to pretend it worked or he would watch me all night. Mommy and daddy were tired too and Gammy told me I was too bright for my own good. Mommy and daddy didn’t know that I could talk to Gampy and everyone thought he was scary.
He let me touch his cane! He was my big cuddly Gampy and I couldn’t wait to see Nema. He loved her very much but she couldn’t come and see me as much as he did but she had my brother. He talked to me in my dreams.  I call him Dam and he would play with me. Gampy doesn’t know Dam talks to me that way. If mommy knew Dam said she would ‘freak out’. I didn’t know what he meant but I didn’t want to upset mommy.

She’s already worried about where my wings are. I had them inside mommy’s tummy because she felt them but now they’re gone. I smile and gargle because they’re still with me but Gampy says I have to hide them.  I have lots of secrets with Gampy but he’s the only one to throw me in the air and make me giggle. Daddy growls but Gampy still does it. As soon as I hear mommy and daddy asleep, I use my wings to escape my crib. I can’t wait until I can walk but for now I have to make do with crawling.

When I get out I explore and look for my aunties. My aunties are crazy. Aunty Moo spoils me and pulls faces and she says when I’m older Kwoll will take me on a dragon ride! She always knows when I’m out and about because she feels me. I think she knows I talk to Gampy but doesn’t want to worry mommy. Kwoll looks scary but I think he wants to ask auntie moo a question.
Auntie Joojoo has baby too but he’s still in her tummy. She worries too much about him. He will be strong and awesome! As I crawl past her room I hear her crying sometimes and Twoy keeps saying he will find Meredith. I want to tell them that things will work out but Gampy won’t let me! He won’t let me do anything to help. He says I know things I shouldn’t but fire can be dangerous to a baby.
Auntie Meggy is weird and she scares me sometimes. She knows so much. Lots of things like I know but she won’t tell. She went to hell for a little while for being naughty. No-one knows not even Bwigate and he is a scary angel. I see his wings sometimes and I think he sees mine. I cry when he holds me to take his mind away from it.

I have so many aunties but my favourite is Auntie Diana. Mommy doesn’t like her much. She says she’s mean but I know better. Auntie Diana is just scared. I was scared when I had to leave mommy’s tummy but here I am. Gampy says I will help her forgive but I don’t know how. Her wolf is strong and daddy doesn’t like him much either. He grows stronger every day and it’s because of Auntie Diana. I was heading to her now. I like the look on her face when she woke up with me lying on her chest. She makes me giggle every time. She shouts at mommy for losing me and mommy shouts back because she doesn’t know how I get out. Silly mommy and Auntie Diana.

I wish the floor was warmer as I shuffled myself towards Auntie Diana’s room. Auntie Moo had hung Christmas garlands to make the white corridors look happier but Bwigate wouldn’t let her get on a ladder because of her little angel. Next Christmas I will have lots of babies to play with and I couldn’t wait. Auntie Diana says she’ll move out when that happens but she won’t. I could use my wings because the floor was getting colder but they needed to grow a little more before I could fly better. Gampy was mean about not using my wings.

I was nearly there when I felt Gampy. I shuffled myself onto my bottom and twisted in the opposite direction,

“I can see you little one!” Gampy always caught me when he visited, “Are you traumatizing Diana again?” Gampy had the same eyes as mommy and when he frowned at me I felt my lip quiver, “Now don’t cry.” He scooped me up into his big arms and I settled against his chest. “You should be asleep!”

I know.

“If your mother knew you could talk like this she wouldn’t be very happy with me for not telling her. You can talk to her too you know.”

I don’t want to scare her. She’s worried I’m going to grow fangs and I don’t know why.

“You will little one, it’s just not the time. There’s lots of things we can’t tell her yet but you could talk to her.”

I will but not now. I love you Gampy.

“Now you’re just trying to melt me and you did that the first time I held you.” I smiled at him and then I heard daddy sigh,

“Where was she this time?” Daddy looked tired but he smiled at me as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“About to terrorize Diana again. I have no idea why she does it.”

Because I like her…she’s funny.

Gampy frowned because I knew he wanted to say something to me. I could talk to Gampy but he says I’m blocking his thoughts which made him sad sometimes,

“Come here you little terror.” Daddy held his arms open and I made grabby hands at him. I loved Gampy but I loved daddy too. 

Daddy didn’t wear shirts often and I liked rubbing my hands against his fur. It was lovely and soft and mommy liked it too. 

“Do you want to settle her back down with me? Jess is unconscious and drooling. She’s exhausted so I’ve left her sleeping. Madam here thinks I don’t know when she escapes.” I giggled and smiled,

“How’s the wolf thing going?” Gampy was worried about mommy and the wolves but mommy was fierce….grrrrrrrrr! 

“I heard that!”


Gampy did a boo boo, I sang,

“Oh nothing I think I’m hearing things.” Gampy smiled at me and then I was carried back into my room.

Daddy knocked down walls to make my room and mommy sat in the rocking chair with me telling me stories. Daddy had the best stories though because he was old. Older than what he told mommy.

“I wanted to give her something to open before tomorrow. Bunny says it was a tradition with Jess when she was a baby. She gave me this…” He pulled a shiny present out of his pocket and I made grabby hands. “Here you go little one.” Daddy put me in my crib and I ripped at the paper. Gampy always gave me fluffy things!

When the paper was gone I was left with a fluffy pink blanket and I cuddled it to my face and cooed,

“It’s beautiful. Thank you.” Daddy said to Gampy,


“It has her name too. Bunny embroidered it.” Gampy unfolded the corner to show my name,

“She always was my saving Grace.” Daddy looked sad and happy at the same time,


“Merry Christmas Grace.” Gampy said kissing my head.

“Time to sleep Gracie.” Daddy tucked me in and kissed me too. He took a look sniff of my neck.

I was daddy’s saving Grace!  I smiled as I drifted off to sleep to play with my brother.

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